Dispute Management

There are various paths to solving disputes. Though we advise managing differences before they mature into disputes, we know this is not always feasible. At whatever stage you come to us with your concern we shall advise you on the various options to ensure your interests are secure.

Our practice includes negotiations, mediation, arbitration and cases before various tribunals and courts. We will fight for your interests as well as defend claims against you. We have experience in managing constitutional and administrative cases before the High Court. We also handle county litigation matters, labour law matters amongst others.

In order to promote your organizational objectives, we will work with you to develop compliance programs and other techniques to minimize future legal risks. We carry out legal audits on a one stop or retainer basis. This helps detect and arrest potential liabilities before they become real problems. A stitch in time saves nine.

Commercial Practice

We understand that you do not want to be distracted by legal concerns. You want to concentrate on your core business. Our approach to the provision of commercial legal services is to be as complementary and as unobtrusive as possible. This will free you up to deal with your core business.

To assist you achieve your business objectives, we provide relevant, practical and up to date advice. Our commercial law practice includes Banking Law, managing sale transactions, Incorporation of legal entities e.g. companies, partnerships etc, negotiating and managing Commercial Contracts, Shareholders Agreements, Franchising Agreements, Loan Agreements, Agency Agreements, Intellectual Property (patents, copyright, trademarks), Non-disclosure Agreements, Share Transfers, to name but a few examples.

We review and draft all manner of transactional documents, advising on relevant laws and regulations and due diligence exercises. All you have to do is ask, we shall provide the solution.

We have a debt collection practice. Our motto is a penny in hand is worth two in the books. We understand that debt collection is not the core function of your enterprise and thesooner you recover something the better. Our aim is to recover as much as possible, as soon as practicable and as cheaply for you as possible.

Immigration Law

We provide specialist advice in the field of immigration law including; Visas, temporary residence in all categories such as study, work, business, relatives permits, Permanent residence permits, Determinations of citizenship status.

Conveyancing/Property Law

We understand that Conveyancing involves much more than simply selling and buying. From simple transactions to large, complex development projects, we provide strategic and commercially practical advice and representation in property due diligence, property development, property transfers, sectional property transfers, drafting sale agreements, building and construction contracts, leasing - office, commercial, retail and residential, lease extensions, charges and powers of attorney.

We have proven experience in preparation and registration of mortgages, charges, debentures, purchases, sales, leases, surrenders, discharge of charge and transfers in perfection of securities, power of attorneys, and especially for banks and financial institutions, at all registries in Kenya.

Our conveyancing department is backed with an effective due diligence staff who undertake searches on properties and corporate entities and advising our clients accordingly.

Family Law

We provide advice and court representation in respect of Probate and Administration/Succession, Adoption, Divorce matters, Parental Responsibility Agreements and Child Custody.

We endeavour to assist our clients with their critical life arrangements regardless of age or net worth. We provide personalized strategies to our clients; we help them successfully navigate the legal aspects of these challenging life transitions, in a range of matters including: Business Succession Planning, Power of Attorneys, Probate and Administration matters/Succession Litigation, Trust and Estate Administration and Wills.

Employment and Labour Law

We provide advice on workplace related issues, the law that governs employment and also draft different contracts for different positions in a company and outsourced services.

We seek to strike a balance between the needs of the Employer and those of the employee to ensure maximum productivity with minimum friction.

We train Management on in-house arbitration and mediation, to ensure in house disputes are resolved as soon as possible and in the most amicable manner to enhance motivation and discourage discontent which adversely affects work relations and output.